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Many of you will know about the Internet, but there are still many people who do not have complete knowledge about the Internet, so today in this article we will give you complete information about the Internet.

What is the Internet?

The full name of the Internet is International Network, which was started in the year 1950 by Vint Kurf, who is called the father of the Internet. The Internet is called a network of networks, in which there are mostly private and public networks with local to global scope. A network is a group created by interconnecting two or more computer systems.

Internet is an important medium of communication, through the Internet, millions of people can share information, ideas, sound, and videos etc. with each other all over the world through computers. It is made up of networks of different sizes and types. 

Data in the Internet is controlled by protocols. Through TCP/IP, a file is divided into many small parts by the file server, which are called packets. All computers on the Internet communicate with each other by doing this protocol, which is called Internet.

How does internet work?

Servers are generally used to connect one computer to another computer. All the data stored on the internet is stored on some server or the other, the server is a kind of computer which keeps the data stored and provides us the data according to our demand. When a video is uploaded to the internet, that data reaches the server and when you click on its link, the server transmits the data of this video to your device.

What is server?

There are data centers to store a lot of data and many servers are kept in each data center, these servers are given convenience and security in the data centers. Big websites have their own data centers like Facebook's data center, Microsoft's data center etc. But small websites do not open their data centers, they use the data centers of other websites.

Benefits of Internet?

The following are the advantages of internet:

  • The Internet allows us to connect one computer to another.
  • Through this, data can be shared anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • Accessing the same information several times, it takes very little time to re-search it.

Disadvantages of Internet?

The Internet has the following disadvantages:

  • Using the Internet can cause viruses to enter the computer.
  • Information shared on the Internet can be stolen.
  • Many information is not checked which may be incorrect or inconsistent.
  • Cyber, fraudsters can steal all credit card, and debit card information and use it incorrectly.

Types of internet connections?

There are mainly three types of internet connections:

Dial up connection

Dialup is a means of connecting to the Internet through a pre-existing telephone line. Whenever a user uses a dialup connection, the modem first dials the Internet service provider's phone number to prepare the dialup call for receiving and then The ISP establishes the connection which normally takes 10 seconds. Generally the term ISP is used for companies that provide internet connection to users t this is called dialup connection.

Broadband Connection

This connection is used for high speed Internet access, through this connection telephone lines are used to connect to the Internet. Broadband connection provides the facility of connecting to the Internet at a faster speed than a dialup connection, which is called broadband.

It has four points through which the broadband connection works:

  1. digital subscriber line
  2. cable modem
  3. fiber optic
  4. broadband over power line
Wireless connection

In this connection, communication is done without any wire, in which modem is not needed because this connection is wireless. Wireless connection can be used in all places like- mobile, radio, and television etc.

This connection is also divided into four parts: Wireless Fidelity, World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access, Mobile Wireless Broadband Services, and Satellite.


We hope that you have liked this article of ours very much, in this we have given you complete information about internet like: what is internet? How does internet work? What are the benefits of internet? What are the disadvantages of internet? And what are the types of internet connection? Etc.

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