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As you know that it has always been our endeavor to provide you with accurate and accurate information through different articles, so today we will talk about FASTag, which was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport just a few months ago. 

FASTag was formally launched in 2014 itself, which is called a type of tax electronic system at toll plazas, but it will be officially implemented in the end of 2019 all over India. implemented. All the information related to this will be given to you in the following article that what is FASTag, how it is made, stay connected with us till the end of the article to get all the information.

What is FASTag?

FASTag would have been a type of digital tag, which was issued by the Ministry of Road Transport, Government of India, to solve the inconvenience caused on toll plazas, which used to jam for hours and this system was started to collect the fee at any toll centers. Is. For that, it is installed on the wind mirror of the vehicles, through which the road fee is paid by scanning at the toll plaza. 

In 4 seconds, vehicles easily pass through the toll plaza by scanning the FASTag. At present, FASTag has been implemented all over India, due to which the evasion of toll fee of vehicles has also stopped.

How does FASTag work?

Talking about the use of FASTag, it is installed as a tag on the windscreen of vehicles, in which Radio Frequency Identification Technique has been used. It pays the fee by scanning the tag on the vehicles through the sensor installed on the toll plaza. 

After which the payment amount from the FASTag account is directly deposited at the toll plaza, if the amount is not in the FASTag account, then it needs to be recharged. In which recharge can be done through Paytm UPI Phone pay credit card and any other bank account. 

With the advent of FASTag, ease of road transport is seen and vehicles standing in long queues at toll plazas also get rid of.

Benefit of FASTag?

If any project is implemented by the Government of India, there are certain benefits which benefit both sides, be it the government or the people, there are many of the following benefits behind the introduction of this system which are being told to you:

  • Time is saved through FASTag, unlike earlier toll plazas which used to get jammed for paying fee, now FASTag gets completed in just 2 to 4 seconds in Scanner, which saves a lot of time.
  • Pollution has come down due to vehicles standing in long queues near toll centres.
  • Toll can be paid at reasonable rates, which can avoid theft from toll plazas.
  • Toll payment has become very easy, in which fee can be paid at reasonable rates without any inconvenience.
  • On paying the fee through FASTag, you also get cashback offers.
  • The details of the vehicles coming on the National Highway are recorded, which makes National Route Management very easy.
  • The details of the fee paid by you will be sent to your mobile by S.M.S. So that your FASTag related records are kept safe.

Documents required for making FASTag:

If you want to get a FASTag made for your vehicle, then some important documents are being told for it so that you do not have to face inconvenience and you can get it done well if you know in advance:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Address Proof
  3. Bank Account Details
  4. Motor vehicle Registration
It is mandatory to give correct information of the documents mentioned above, after which it is specially checked and the FASTag card is registered only after having the correct information.

How to Apply for FASTag?

If you want to register a FASTag sitting at home online, then for that you will get registration easily through an online payment app, following you are being told as FASTag registration by Paytm:

  • First of all, you need to login to your PAYTM account.
  • After that, on scrolling this home page, the option of ticket booking will come at the bottom, in which the option of Buy FASTag will appear at the bottom on the right side, click on it.
  • As soon as you click, a home page will now open in front of you in which you have to upload the registration number of your car by clicking the photo on both the front and back pages of the RC below it, remember that the size of both the photos should not be more than 2mb.
  • After doing all this, you will see the option of Proceed to Pay at the bottom, which you have to click on.
  • In the last step, your FASTag will be done and delivered by post in 1 week to the address you have provided.

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