travel guide to bhutan: Make your first foreign trip from a beautiful country like Bhutan (Trip)

It is the dream of every person that he must travel abroad at least once in his life.  Some wish to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, while others wish to visit Prague.  But you cannot travel abroad only by booking flight tickets.  

You need a lot of money to travel in these countries.  Perhaps this is the reason why we put off planning to travel abroad in the end.  However, if you want to travel abroad and do not want to spend much money, then start with a beautiful country like Bhutan.

Why Bhutan?  

So let us tell you, Bhutan is covered by the Himalayan hills, where you will get to hear many mysterious things and stories.  It is believed that the happiest people in the world are from Bhutan.  If you like to enjoy the picturesque views of the Himalayas, the serene Buddhist monasteries and the mall road, then this country is perfect for you. 

Bhutan is the first and only carbon absorbing country in the whole world.  Here the absorption of carbon is much higher than that of production.

It is very easy for you to go here:

Going to Bhutan for Indians is like visiting other states of India.  This is because Indians do not need a visa to go to this country.  By coming to the office, you will easily get the Bhutan permit.  You can get Indian Rupees converted to Bhutanese Nongnum by coming here.  The shopkeepers here also take Indian Rupees for small purchases.

Land in Paro:

Traveling by plane in Bhutan is not an easy task, because the planes leave by touching the valleys here, when they look so close from the window, it seems that they will come in hand now.  Perhaps this is the reason why only experienced pilots are allowed to fly airplanes here.  This airport is also called the most dangerous airport in the world.  If you want to do some adventure, then land at Paro Airport in Bhutan.

Travel alone in Bhutan, that too with great ease: If you want to roam in Bhutan by driving yourself, then for this you get a permit with great ease.  If the car is yours, then all the documents related to the vehicle are required to be shown there.  You can take help of the immigration office in Phuentsholing to get the permit.

If you want to do some adventure then go on a bike from India:  Bhutan There are many travel companies that provide bikes from India to Bhutan. 

These companies start the journey from Siliguri.  To travel in a two wheeler, you will have to get some more permits from Thimphu.

Is Bhutan expensive?

To maintain the environment and culture of Bhutan, the government of Bhutan has kept a fee of Rs 14,264 per person per day for tourists.  Due to this, the trip to Bhutan has emerged as the most expensive trip in the world.  Although Indian people can roam here with pleasure without paying any fee.

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