Agent Meaning: What is agent & Sub-agent? | type of agent | Job Description of LIC Agent

It includes those persons who are associated with an organization or organization and give information to other people regarding the benefits and functions associated with them. 

So that other people can also join that organization or organization.

What is Agent? and meaning of agent?

What does agent mean? An agent is a member of an organization who works to expand the area of ​​that organization. He makes people aware about the work related to that organization and tells the benefits of joining it to other people.

For example, LIC agents tell people their plans in terms of insurance and people get them insured according to their needs. Because of which LIC company gives commission to them. Many such areas have their own agents. Those who work for the benefit of their organization.

In general terms, it acts as a mediator, that is, it acts as a bridge to connect two people. They make their plans successful by influencing people with their personality.

Their main purpose is to get profit and this benefit comes from connecting two people together. At present, each region has its own agents. Whether it is education, technology, health, security, law, travel, recovery, companies related to insurance benefits (LIC), etc.

Type of Agent

Agents play their role in many fields and they earn their living by joining these sectors. They are divided into 5 parts. Which are as follows:-

1. Special Agent

They are selected to fulfill a specific purpose. Therefore it is also known as Particular Agent. For example, to sell a property, to put someone for arbitration. Such persons are appointed for only one job.

2. General Agent

They work to complete all their work related to business. Such persons earn profit by using their skills and experiences in all work related to business, companies.

3. Non-mercantile Agent

They try to earn profit from all the works under the Act or in their area. For example, Law Agent works to give suggestions to individuals regarding legal disputes.

4. Mercantile Agent

The work of expressing their suggestions in all transactions related to business is done by them only. These types of agents play their important role in many fields. Let us go through all these in detail.

• Factor Agent - Factor agents are those people who sell someone else's manufactured goods in their own name and keep some percentage of the profit to the manufacturer and the rest to themselves. They have this authority, that they keep the value obtained from that item with them.

• Commission Agent - Under this, a person sells someone else's item using his skill and the owner of that item gives him some percentage of the value of that item as an incentive when he sells it.

• Banker Agent - It acts as a link between the bank and their customer. For example, we take the help of a bank agent to take a loan from the bank.

• Broker Agent – ​​They work on commission. They are agents of both the buyer and the seller and receive a fixed commission from both.

5. Sub-agent

Sometimes agents keep another person with them to conduct their operations. These are called sub-agents. He is responsible to his main agent, that is, he receives all the directions regarding his work from him. Thus he gets profit from the main agent instead of getting profit directly. In this way the profit share gets divided into two parts.

An agent does not necessarily do the same thing, that is, he can be both a non-mercantile and a mercantile agent. It all depends on his working experiences and his skills, in which areas he can use his knowledge.

Job Description of LIC Agent

LIC (Life Insurance Company) Agents are associated with a particular company. Those who work for the benefit of the company. Selling company policies to other individuals. from which they get some of its shares.

It is very easy to become such an agent. You can easily become an agent of any LIC company. Their main function is to sell insurance policies to other people and through this they earn profit.

They work to inform their customers about the policies related to their LIC companies. They work to connect people to that policy by telling them the benefits of those policies.

For this, first of all, it is very important for them to have complete information regarding LIC policies. Without this you cannot become a good LIC Agent.


What are agents? These are the members associated with an organization or organization, who inform people about their work and benefits. They attract people towards that institution or organization. It is responsible to both the owner and the customer. They finish all their work on the basis of their skills. Which helps them to get benefit from them.

So friends, today you know what is agent and what is the meaning of agent? If you liked this post of ours, then do share it with your other friends as well.

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