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A year's time is enough to prepare for the exam. But due to some reason you could not study properly or if you feel that your preparation is not complete then these study tips will help you a lot. So today we are going to tell you that how to prepare for the exam in less time.

By following these, you can prepare better for the exam in less time.

Read the syllabus carefully

A year's time is enough to prepare for the exam. If for some reason you are not able to study properly or if you feel that your preparation is not complete according to the exam, you can get a lot from the tips in this article. It is very important to understand the importance of hard work as well as smart work shortly before the exam.

To prepare for the exam in less time, you must first go through your syllabus carefully and then study according to the syllabus. Keep in mind that during the exam time do not waste your time by studying outside the syllabus.

Prepare with last year question papers

Before you start preparing for the exam of any subject, you must go through the previous year papers of that subject. Keep these things in mind while going through previous year papers.

  • • which section has asked the highest number of questions?
  • • which context has been asked questions almost every year?
  • • which section asked the least questions?
  • • which section asked simple questions and who has been asked difficult questions?
This will give you an understanding of which topic of which subject is most important for the exam. First prepare only the chapters with the highest weightage.

Prepare with model paper

Practicing is very important to perform well in the exam in less time. Even if you have read the entire syllabus well, but if you do not practice by writing, you may not be able to solve the entire paper at the time of examination.

So for better preparation of the exam, practice with the model paper regularly. Solving model papers will not only enhance your writing skills but will also help you to understand some important concepts for the exam.

Revision is also necessary along with remembering

The role of revision is very important in the preparation of the exam. No matter how much you read, but if you do not revise it from time to time, then you can forget it too. Revision of topics is very important for better preparation of the exam.

So keep repeating it regularly even in less time. Revision will also let you know your shortcomings. With this, you will not have any problem in revising even a day before the exam and you will not make those mistakes in the exam.

Prepare short answers first

While preparing any topic to prepare for the exam in less time, you should first prepare the questions of 1 Mark or 2 Marks.

This way you will get a better understanding of the basic concepts and will also help you prepare for the bigger questions. In this way you can cover the complete syllabus of the exam fast.

How to Remember Long Answers

The best way to prepare long answers in less time is to break down your big answers into smaller points and then write down each point and memorize it.

If you remember even the biggest answers by writing them 5 times, then you will definitely remember them. By reading this way, you will not have any problem in remembering these answers.

Find your weakness

From exam point of view it is important that you accept your weakness and work hard on them. Suppose, you are weak in maths, obviously it will scare you and you will get ignored as much.

But stop ignoring such topics because out of five there will be some subject which is out of your mind or you are getting bored with it. Pay special attention to such topics. With less time in the exam, if you focus on your shortcomings, you will do better in the exam.

Don't take long breaks while studying

It is generally recommended to take breaks in between studies, but no one has specified the time duration and number of breaks.

Specifically, you should take a break of 15 minutes every 45 minutes of study rounds. Also, don't split the 15-minute break into 15+5, 5+10 or 5+5+5 as it will distract you.

So take a short break in one hour to maintain concentration while studying. No matter how little time is in the exam, but you should take breaks while studying.

Sleep well and eat well

Most importantly, you should eat healthy and take rest to keep yourself attentive while studying. For this, you should sleep for 6-7 hours.

Take out time to do some physical exercise and meditation, it helps you to improve your physical and mental fitness.

Also avoid junk food, sugar coated products and caffeine as these things make your body more tired and you cannot concentrate while studying.

Even if you have less time in the exam, you should get enough sleep, so that you will be able to study with full energy.

Stay away from the Phone

One of the distracting things is the mobile phone during the exam. Close Facebook, Instagram, Whats-app and other messenger apps for a while as they will distract you.

Although you are sharing notes and all these things, then a better option is to ask your mom or dad or brother for the phone and do your work. If you have less time in your exam and you want to score well then stay away from phone as much as possible.

Teach Others

Take a day off from your daily routine and go with your friends, teaching them what you have learned. It is also the best way to repeat and memorize. Your concept will become more clear when you teach someone else.

If someone is not listening to you, force them to sit and listen. This will help him as well as you. If there is no one around you then sit in front of a mirror and try to understand yourself in the mirror.

instant self-test

Finish a quick test quiz after studying. Tests are one of the best ways to memorize things quickly. Leave the questions which you find difficult and come back to them after the exam is over. Set a timer based on the number of questions for each test.


So by following all these tips, you can prepare for the exam in less time. If you liked our post “How to Prepare for Exam in Less Time” then do share with your friends. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then do let us know by commenting.

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