To drink milk or not?- Cow milk benefits and disadvantages and Is it better to drink milk?

Man has created beliefs, traditions, habits according to his profit and loss.  There is a common belief that milk and milk products, curd, lassi, ghee, khoya etc. are vegetarian.  Consumption of meat, fish, liquor is prohibited on the day of fasting, but the milk obtained from the body of animals is not only good for fasting, but also for offerings to the gods and goddesses.

Milk is produced in a special condition.  When the female or female animal is pregnant, the secretory cells of milk production are also activated to nourish the infant.  

Is it better to drink milk?

It is widely publicized that mother's milk or mother's first milk is especially beneficial for the child, but it is not told what is the reason.  ,  In fact, milk is produced within a mother according to the needs of her child and the nature of the child.  Milk has a species characteristic.  Nature varies even within the same species.  The milk of a cat for a kitten cannot be as much as that of a lioness.  

There is no coordination between donkey and horse.  Nature has created some such systems on our earth that even if there is a benefit on violating them, but there are also disadvantages along with it.  All mothers, according to this natural law, produce such milk which has the capacity to nurture and develop only their own child.  

So if the emphasis is on breastfeeding of the mother, then only for this reason.  In practice we find that babies who are given cow, buffalo, goat or canned milk are not digested for the first few days because any other milk is of a different nature than that of the infant.  Gradually the second milk comes under the control of the baby's digestive system.

Cow milk benefits and disadvantages?

Human mother's milk contains many fatty acids corresponding to her infant, such as linoleic acid, which nourishes the infant's nervous system.  Cow's milk does not contain the said acid.  A funny thing is that babies of animals or other mammals drink milk only till a particular stage.  It takes a lot of energy to digest milk.  By the first three years of age, an enzyme called renin is secreted in our body.  It works to digest milk.

To drink milk or not?

After three years its production stops forever, in another sense that now milk is taboo for the body but since we drink milk till old age we put extra burden on our digestive system.  The milk gets converted into curd in the stomach and binds to other foods and makes it in such a condition that it not only comes late under the control of digestive acids, it also protects other food from acids till its end.  Not only does the digestive system of those who consume excessive milk products get weak, there is also an adverse effect on the liver.  If the digestive system has become weak, then milk stays in the stomach for a long time.  

Then it produces bacteria, carbon dioxide gas and produces all the diseases of the stomach which ultimately adversely affect the whole body and mind.  Most milch animals are kept in unhygienic places , drink dirty feed and water , are fed urea to make more milk and inject harmful oxytocin , which stimulates the hormones of milk - greedy animals .  As will the health of the animal, the food will be there, the condition of milk will also be affected.  

By drinking the milk of a cancer or TB patient animal, humans can also come under the control of that disease, so now you should think about milk from an ethical and scientific point of view.

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