23 step to increase memory: How to improve your memory? and Make your memory faster

Often after the age of fifty, we forget about the name, number, where we have kept the stuff and complain about our memory being low.  It does not mean that it is a memory problem.  Most of the time there is no focus, the reason for this is the focus being somewhere else.  If this problem is taken care of in time, then this problem will not be a problem.  

How to Improve Memory?

The fund of memory is record, store and replay.  If something is not recorded, how will it be stored and then how will it be re-played.  If we want to remember any thing, then focus on it, listen carefully and keep it in mind, till it will not come out of your mind.

Make your memory faster like this.

  • Be active mentally as well as in body.  
  • Just like we exercise to keep the body healthy, similarly do mental exercises for the mind.  How does the brain work with the cells?  To unite, similarly the function of the heart is to supply blood to the body. That's why the connection between the cells and the brain must be healthy so that the signals can work as fast. To keep the mind fit, solve puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku regularly.  
  • Play chess with friends, although you can also play chess on the computer when you are alone.  
  • There are many other programs on the computer that you can play to increase your memory.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument, learn something new so that the mind remains healthy.  Can learn another language too.  
  • If you are fond of drawing then take other paths.  
  • Read newspapers and magazines regularly.  
  • Now you can fulfill your hobbies which you wanted to fulfill in childhood like writing articles, painting etc.  
  • Keep in touch with family and friends regularly.  Keep discussing so that the mind remains active.  
  • If there are not many relatives in the city, then who?  Become a member of Unity, Institution, Club.  There you will find your hobbies friends.  

  • Socializing with people prevents tension, depression.  These reasons help in weakening of memory.
  • Don't be too involved in online social networking.  Set aside a very limited time for this.  Keep yourself organised.  
  • Write in your diary the time of your work, the time of meeting, the time of going to any function.  
  • Keep your house organized so that you do not forget to keep things here and there.  Make a fixed place especially for keys, purse, mobile, watch etc. 
  • Put the bills on file after payment.  Put the bills that came before that in a basket or box.  Do not focus your attention in many places at once.  
  • Do one thing at a time.  This keeps the memory battered.  When feeling stressed, visualize your visited tourist places, good memories, good moments spent, fun with your old friend.  This will activate the mind and reduce stress.  
  • Take 7-8 hours of sleep for your good memory.  
  • Pay special attention to your diet.  Eat salads, regular fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, nuts, flax seeds etc. and drink 7-8 glasses of water.
  • Meditation, deep breathing and yogic practices also help in keeping the mind agile.  
  • Regular exercise increases blood circulation throughout the body and mind. 
  • Be happy and keep looking for opportunities to be happy.

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